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Preparing for Easter

I love decorating for holidays! I don't love having to pay for it :) The biggest thing I have learned about decorating is waiting until AFTER the holiday to shop. It is amazing how much cheaper it is to get what you want. I try not to even look at the decorations before the holiday, because I will be tempted to buy them at full price. The best part about buying after the holiday is opening your box of decorations to put them out the next year and having new treasures to display.

Here is what I have found in the past for Easter:

This welcome sign was found at a department store as I was walking out. I almost missed it! It adds the pretty spring colors to our entrance area.
These two cuties are placed on my mantel.  Remember, I have two little boys, so anything breakable has to be up high if I want it to stay in one piece!

These treat holders are on our kitchen counter.  My husband is expecting the jar to be filled with chocolate chip cookies by the time he gets home from work!
I found this egg wreath and thought it would be perfect to use around a candle.

How do you save on holiday decorations?

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