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Guest Bathroom

While working on the guest bedroom, I also tackled the guest bathroom of our house.  This is an area that is used if we have visitors for an afternoon or for a week.  It is also our tornado shelter.  I try to keep it ready at all times so that I'm not embarrassed if we have unexpected company.
As usual, I begin with what I have to decorate.  I have been able to use everything from one of our bathrooms in our first house in this room.  I like the way the green towels coordinate with the wall color, but I'm not really a fan of the shower curtain.  Eventually, I will replace it.  I also have not added anything to the wall yet, but that will come along as well.
A small bowl of potpourri sits on the back of the toilet.  This was a gift from my in-laws.
One problem we have had to contend with is that the towel rod is across from the shower and above the toilet, so you would have to get out of the shower and track water all over the floor before you could grab your towel.  I solved this problem temporarily with a basket I won at an open house.
Now I can leave it in front of the shower for our guests to grab whatever they need, whether it be a bath or hand towel or a washcloth.  I also stock the shower with soap, shampoo, and conditioner in case someone forgot something.

Please share your secrets for keeping a nice guest area.

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