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Outside Fall Decorations

It has been crazy around our house, which is why you haven't heard from me.  Last week, we were getting everything ready for {Kid's Market}, and since I have two years of boys' clothes, it's taken a lot of time.  
This week, we are preparing for our community {yard sale}.  We've made some lucky finds with furniture, so we have a few big ticket items to sell.  I am also getting ready for our Fisher-Price Playdate!  My mother-in-law introduced me to {House Party}, which is how I was selected to host.  I will have more on that event, so be sure to check back for the fun!
In the midst of all of this, fall is in the air... That means fall decorating!  I have this silly rule that before I can decorate for a new season or holiday, my house has to be clean.  Because I look forward to decorating, that gives me the motivation to work on the house.  The cleaning also has to be done before I have guests over this weekend.  So much to do, yet I'm procrastinating by writing this post!
I took a break from cleaning to start the front entrance decorations.  I love this wreath on our front door!  Brady calls the little balls "tomatoes."  He's been my little assistant!
I also had to have the scarecrows that everyone put out last year, but as usual, I didn't want to pay full price.  I waited until the end of the season and was able to get four for the price of one!  Originally, they were $8 at Wal-mart, and they reduced them to $2 each.  I got our family, 3 boys and a girl!
Are you ready for fall?  What decorations have you already pulled out?

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  1. Erin, Your fall decorations look awesome! The scarecrows bring back happy memories for me. Jack bought two for me MANY years ago, and we would put them out from September through Halloween every year.


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