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Glade Expressions Review

Through BzzAgent, I was able to try some of Glade Expressions new products, including the oil diffuser and the fragrance mist.  I was sent coupons to pick my own fragrances for each type.

For the oil diffuser, I decided to try the Lavender and Juniper Berry scent.  It includes a tray that the diffuser fits down into, and you're able to buy replacements for the tray.  It was very easy to find a place for it, because the tray can fit with any decor.  I placed it on top of the armoire in our master bedroom.  The packaging claims that the scent lasts about a month, which is true.  It started off a bit strong, scenting the entire house, but once it mellowed out, the lavender was very enjoyable.  I enjoy the addition of that scent, as you have seen from the herb wreath I had previously in our room, and think it actually helps me sleep a bit better.

The fragrance mist was a little disappointing in that the sprayer shot out a thin line of liquid that fell straight to the floor and had to be wiped up. I was expecting a soft mist that would envelop the room. The smell I picked, Fuji Apple and Cardamom Spice, was enjoyable, and I used it in the kitchen. The sprayer is also refillable and very easy to replace.

Each product is available in all of their scents, which also includes Cotton and Italian Mandarin and Pineapple and Mangosteen.

Have you tried any of the Glade products?  What did you think?

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