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Shopping Trip with Tips

This was from another trip, but I never shared it.  I was amazed when my receipt was taller than Jackson!
I went grocery shopping on Monday, and I got $65 worth of groceries for $7.34! I was on my game for that one. I got:
  • 2 family size Stouffers meals
  • 5 MorningStar meals
  • 4 Progresso recipe starters
  • 3 boxes of original Cheerios
  • 2 100-count boxes Lipton tea
  • 2 Pillsbury crescent rolls
  • 2 Yoplait yogurts
Two tips from this shopping trip:

  • Check the prices on all similar products. Pillsbury buttery crescents were on sale for $2, but the originals were $1.85.
  • Go over your receipt. I had the boys with me, so I missed that one of the MorningStar products wasn't on sale. It was $5.49 instead of the sale price of $1.99. With coupons, I should have had it for free. Thanks to Publix, I was able to exchange it and got the difference back.

Did you have any great shopping trips?  Feel free to link a post!

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