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Brady's Birthday Planner and Invitation

I feel like I was just creating the heading for Brady's 3rd birthday. Boy, how time flies!

I am really excited about this year, because we are having a birthday party for him and his preschool friends. He chose Diego as his theme. To be honest, he chose Dora and was highly encouraged to go with Diego!
It has been fun collecting ideas, because you probably have guessed that I won't pay full price for the Nickelodeon brand. Pinterest has been a huge resource.
The first thing I made was a planner. I found a great template already created at Mommy's Idea Book and turned it into a Diego theme.
Next, I moved onto the invitation. This was fun! I used ipiccy.com for my creation. I began with a frame made by Ms. Fultz's Corner, added Diego clipart, and put the text in last.

There's lots more on the way, so come back for the celebration!

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  1. Looks like Brady's party is going to be lots of fun for him and his friends!


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