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Freddie's Adventures (Our Elf)

It's amazing how time flies! When I get busy, unfortunately blogging is the first thing that gets pushed aside. I love it, so I don't want to give it up, but I have to give a little somewhere. Peppers Pickins has been busy, though, so that's exciting!

We are getting into the Christmas spirit around here, and one of the ways my boys do that is through the magical travels of their elf, Freddie. I have found some great resources to help brainstorm ideas for his daily hangouts, which you can see on my Pinterest page. Some of our ideas began with the ideas of others, and why not?! We do this about 25 days each year, and it gets a little hard to continue to be original. Let's help each other out!!
Freddie with the Baby Jesus
Last year I put him with the Little People Nativity set, and that was the first time Brady decided to touch him. It wasn't the last time Freddie's been touched, either! Only by Brady, though... Jax is too scared to break the rules :)
It's tons of fun for the boys, but I have to admit, it's fun for Ryan and me, too! So far, he's delivered hot chocolate and fixin's the morning he arrived (Last year, when Freddie first arrived, he came in his box with the book. He also brought back the book for the boys to read and remember the rules for this year.), rode on one of the boys' stuffed animals, read a Christmas book in the playroom recliner, decorated the Christmas tree with the boys' undergarments (That was a hit!), peeking out of a stocking, sitting up on a ladder, and more. I try to change it up each night between nice and fun. No matter what Freddie is doing, the boys are always excited to search and find him each morning.
Freddie had a marshmallow fight with the Imaginext castle men we received from Fisher Price through House Party. He won!
Freddie was caught in action with a marshmallow in his hand!
Here's another mischievous deed from Freddie. He found one of our dry erase markers and gave the boys some new portraits. They loved that one!
I can't wait to continue to see where Freddie goes next! I hope you're having as much fun with your elf as we are. Please feel free to share your elf experiences or links to your pages with ideas.

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