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Last Minute Valentines and Decorations

It has been a fun day being cooped up in the house with all of my guys! We had a snow day, which is pretty much unheard of in Alabama. And the crazy thing is... They're calling for more tonight!

Since I was on lock down Saturday to get our taxes completed, I've been itching to do some crafting. We made the boys' valentines on Sunday, but that just wasn't enough. Today was the perfect opportunity to add some last minute decorations.
Here are the valentine's we made. The ones for their classmates came from this pin on Pinterest from The Crafting Chicks. Visit the site, and she even provides a free printable! Jackson and Brady actually did a lot of the work. They were able to put the bouncy balls in their bags, and Jackson loved stapling his together.
The next one is for their teachers. Jackson wrote a little note to his teacher, and both of them signed the backs of the cards. Again, I am grateful for those of you who share your wonderful talents. Find the printable by going to this pin from Darling Doodles.
I decorated our mantle with doilies from the dollar store laced onto white yarn. It was $1 for 30 hearts, so I also hung them over our dining room window.
I also added some little touches with a vase stuffed with red and white tissue paper and red hearts on sticks from the dollar store. Pink and red hearts, also from the dollar store, fill the other two containers. I was going to use candy hearts to do this, but these are reusable each year. The hurricane vase also has a red candle leftover from Christmas.
I saw a cute idea to hang big felt envelopes from everyone's chair and deliver special notes to each other. I'm not that crafty and didn't want to go out to buy felt, so I found another way. I have construction paper that's 18" long, so I folded it, leaving a 2" overhang at the top. I then measured out and punched holes about an inch apart on each side. I used white yarn to feed through the holes and closed up the sides. I used the same yarn to tie the envelopes to our chairs. The boys are getting a kick out of making things for each other. They can't wait for the other one to find it, so they immediately tell each other to go check their envelopes!

These are very last minute ideas, but I look year-round for decorations and ideas. Go here for additional ideas from years past. Get ready to hit those after Valentine's Day sales, too, for great discounts!

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