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Buying Ground Turkey in Bulk

We are members of Costco.  As far as saving money goes, you have to do a little bit of research to make sure you're actually getting a good deal.  Always check the unit prices to see more realistically what you are spending.  Sometimes, with {coupons}, you are able to get a much better deal at a regular grocery store.
One thing I have not been able to find cheaper is ground turkey.  The problem is, it includes 6 pounds.  I used to take the packages and just throw them in the freezer as is.  Each package had over 1 1/2 pounds in it, though.  If a recipe called for 1 pound, I was using extra meat.
I got some quart sized freezer bags and started weighing out the meat to make 1 pound bags.  This took us from using the meat in 4 meals to 6 meals.  It really makes a difference over the long run!
Then, I learned a really good tip from {Moneywise Shopper}.  At one of her classes, she shared that you can cook the meat, and 2 cups equals 1 pound of meat.  Whenever we get our ground turkey at Costco, I plan a meal that we will use it in.  For example, I made {tacos} for dinner when I cooked this batch.
I cook it ALL up at once and measure it out into my bags.  Make sure to label the bags BEFORE you add the meat!  I include that it's cooked and the date.  If you use recipes that call for uncooked meat (like meatballs), leave a few uncooked by measuring them out before adding the rest to the pot.
I realized when editing my photos that I took the picture of the wrong side of the measuring cup!  You can either measure out 700 ml or 2 cups :)
I end up with 5 bags to freeze and one pound for the tacos in this case. 

It still freezes just fine, and whenever a recipe calls for browned meat, it's ready to go once it's defrosted.  If you forget to pull it out for your meal, you can even add the bag to a bowl of water to quickly defrost it.  What a huge time saver!

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