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Antique Rocker Redo

I finally have something to share with you! We are fully immersed in summer, with swimming lessons and potty training keeping us on our toes. It's been hard to get a moment to myself to complete some of the projects I have planned.

This is a rocker that Ryan's mom used when he was a baby, and it is now in our room.

I recently redid a little bench and wanted them to coordinate, so I used the same fabric to cover the wood piece in the middle of the seat.  It was used to cover the hole where there was originally caning.

I bought a square piece of cushion from Hobby Lobby to give the seat a little more comfort, wrapped the fabric around it and the wooden piece already on the seat, and got busy with the staple gun.  Center the fabric, flip everything over, pull the fabric tight, and staple all the way around.  I used hospital corners to keep the corners neat.

I am going to add a pillow once I dust off the old sewing machine.  Our master bedroom is finally beginning to come together!

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