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Shopping Deals #5

One of the biggest ways I save money is with couponing. I'm not an extreme couponer by any means, but my goal is to save more than my total payment. With a little time, that's pretty easy to do.

In addition to the thrill I get from watching the savings click up on the register, it's fun to share the great deals found. It helps keep me motivated!
As you can see, everything is still in bags. It doesn't make for a good picture, but I wouldn't even have one if I had tried to display it all for you. Ryan, my husband, was very quick to start putting things away, and I wasn't about to stop him!

This was from my latest trip to Publix, and I think it's my best one yet. It was from the add that ended yesterday and also included a few rain checks I had. It didn't even take me too long to prepare for this shopping trip.

Here's what I got:
4 Multigrain Cheerios
4 Yoplait Greek yogurts (free with the purchase of Cheerios)
3 Chobani Greek yogurts
5 Fage yogurts (free through BzzAgent)
4 Kellogg's Fruit Loops
1 gallon milk (free with the purchase of Fruit Loops)
6 Keebler cookies
4 Crunchmaster crackers
2 Simply hash browns
2 Dunkin Donuts coffee bags
4 Del Monte canned vegetables
1 Suave kids shampoo
1 Progresso recipe starters
4 Capri Suns
6 Betty Crocker boxed potatoes
4 Betty Crocker brownie mixes
2 Betty Crocker cake mixes
2 Betty Crocker icings
8 Ronzoni pasta
4 Dixie Crystals sugar

I used 60 coupons! There was a lady that came up behind me that got annoyed, but the Publix bagger was very nice and sent her to another line to check out faster. 

The total bill was $61.53 (with tax), and I saved $113.40!!

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