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Ready for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is toned down a little this year, because we are still establishing our budget.  What I can remind myself of are the years to come when that budget is in full swing and we will have enough money to comfortably cover the extra fun things.

That doesn't mean that I can't do anything!  We already made the boys' valentines for their classes.  We also made their teachers' Valentines.  I used the same idea from last year, so visit here for the details.

Jackson's teacher sent home directions for them to make cute little Valentine mailboxes, so of course I went above and beyond to make it the cutest ever!  It started as a shoe box.  A little cardstock transformed it into the best Kindergarten mailbox!
I also used many of the decorations from last year, which can be seen here and here.  One thing I added above the mantel was the Christmas wreath I transformed in December.  I took off the Christmas details and added some Valentine decorations from the Dollar Tree.
I will also find easy ways to transform our food and other details of the day to make them a little more special for the boys and our family.

What are your special plans for your family on Valentine's Day?
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  1. Great Valentine Box!! You and Jackson make a good creative team. We NEED a copy of that photo! Just too cute! How cool was it for Jackson to share this experience with the class bear?


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