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Herb Garden Update

Summer is in full swing at our house.  I now have my 4-year-old home from preK and my husband home from teaching 6th grade.  This is in addition to already having my 3-year-old at home.  Entertaining 3 boys is exhausting!
We have been busy {yard saling}, visiting {Goodwill}, working on projects, and {gardening}.  Ryan picked his first tomato today!
Here's an update on my herb garden, which is coming in nicely for the most part.  If you missed the post about building it, check it out {here}.
We have really enjoyed the benefits of having this bed in our yard.  We've made tomato basil pizza, used green onions in our tacos, used oregano and parsley in our pasta sauce, and more that I've already forgotten.  I've also been able to make sweet mint tea with the different varieties of mint.  Yum!

If you're interested in the mint tea, here's the recipe for 2 quarts:
1 quart boiling water
1 quart cold water
4 black tea bags (I use whatever I have from {couponing}.)
mint leaves (I use about 10, but choose how strong you want it.  You can pick up mint at a farmers' market or grocery store if you don't have a plant at home.)
1/2 to 3/4 cups sugar depending on your taste
  1. Use a muddler or crush mint leaves and put them in the bottom of a pitcher.
  2. Place tea bags in pitcher.  Pour boiling water into pitcher.
  3. Allow tea to steep.
  4. Pour cold water into pitcher.
  5. Remove bags.  You can strain out the mint leaves, also, but I find the flavor is stronger if you leave them in.
  6. The mint flavor will become stronger as it soaks.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this Mint Tea recipe, Erin!

    I used to make Sun Tea, but this sounds even better!


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